Take this seriously

Although this is the first post I am doing to this blog, and despite the fact that I know there have to be several better ways of introducing myself to the vast blogger community, (and I don’t take it lightly that this is in essence a public forum to discuss the important issues facing our country and the world, and that the world is getting hotter, more people are getting better bombs, and the lunatics have taken over the assylum), but I feel like I need to address my recent shift in loyalty away from Wendy’s and toward Taco Bell.

Wendy’s has always been my favorite. When my older brother got his driver’s license, we used to go to the Wendy’s right next to Norfolk Academy and I would get a plain double and marvel at the fact that so many other people were smothering a perfect food with ketchup and vegetables and all kinds of crap.

But something has happened. Taco Bell is more satisfying, less greasy and, despite the jokes you might make about them combining the same six ingredients in every option, there is actually more parity in the quality of each individual offering than in the burder joints. You can eat there with a vegetarian, which comes in handy if you have, say, a sister or a girlfriend. And there is something about the beans that feels like it coats your ribs on a cold day.

I’m not recommending Taco Bell for more than one meal a day. In fact once a week might be overkill. But if you are going to have fast food, I honestly think that Taco Bell is the top of the list.