Basketball and weather

The only people who take the weather personally, they say, are poets and madmen, and although I consider myself neither of these, I have to say that the weather is getting me down. The whole of New York has been sad for months now, and working my way through it has been really tough. Still, a few thoughts.

Maybe Matt Doherty should be fired. I want him to be the lost son who returns and makes this a great program, but the losses vs. the talent, and all of the transfers and lost players, I just don’t know. I have never, ever, said a bad thing about him. But now, just maybe, he should go.

There is a good man named Todd McCallough who suffers from a nerve disease too weird to name. He was the center for the last two Eastern conference champs (two different teams) and as such got beat up by Shaq. But he is funny as hell, is a really good man, and has just been cut down before his career can even begin. Some of us are Mozart and some of us are Clint Eastwood, but the vast majority find some random thing blocking us from ever meeting our potential.

I have been invited to do a reading, a sort of protest of the possible war, and I am really conflicted about it. I want us questioning the war, but I am not positive that it is bad. Our judicial system says that we are innocent until proven guilty, and I don’t want to go to war unless we can prove that without war, we are vulnerable. I am not against the war, I am against going to war the way things are now, nothing has been proven to me. And yes, you have to prove it to me, I am an American and I decide.

Ephedra has gotten a lot of attention, and I don’t really know what to say about that. I have used it off and on for years, and I don’t think anything that is wrong with me can be attributed to its use. I take one sixth of the recommended dose, and people who are affected by it tend to take more than the label says. But, then again, I am sitting here at 12:35 with a mild panic attack.

Kobe doesn’t have to score 40 for the Lakers to rip out your heart. I wouldn’t know because mine quit beating when Carolina lost tonight.