My pool… of presents!

Kansas lost to Syracuse last night. Always a bridesmaid, never a bride, when it comes to my pool. Even my poor sweet dead dog didn’t win anything.

So, here is what you can get me for my birthday. Everything I lost in my bag. Including

– really comfortable Carolina blue shorts that I work out in, light enough to not suck but heavy enough so they don’t bunch up while I am running. (Actually these would be impossible to replace)

– my brand new New Balance tennis shoes, perfect for running, actually gave me a couple of extra miles that I couldn’t get out of my old shoes.

– A discman. Preferably one with the speakers that boom right into the back of your skull.

– A bunch of mix cds and regular cds with music that makes you feel nice and other music that makes you angry and want to dance.

– A bag.

– Those knee braces that help isolate your knee but not the expensive ones (unless you want to get me the expensive ones, I won’t complain).

– A digital camera, unless my phone call to Steve Alexander (wherein I said, “Hey, get me a new digital camera you asshole”) works.

– Cool slingback headphones that you can wear regardless of your hat.

– Random medicines that help alleviate pain and allergies.

And, although I didn’t lose it with the bag, I also lost an earpiece for my phone, a CD converter for my discman, and a bunch of double stuff oreos. The oreos were lost when I set the tupperware on the roof and then drove off, so I wouldn’t consider those compensatory, just, y’know, nice and yummy.