new list

Duane Read can kiss my ass.

A month or so ago I was having an allergy attack that made it almost impossible to breath. Duane Read refused to sell me an inhaler. Then today I bought DR brand Ranitidine, and when I opened the factory sealed box, it was empty. I opened it just after leaving the store, so they wouldn’t honor any kind of refund.

Anyhoo, time to rehash my birthday list. Because I got cast in a show yesterday, Jordana took me out and bought me a new Discman to celebrate. I also got an ear-mic to use with my cellphone, and the Discman came with a full car thingie, so you don’t have to worry about any of that stuff. I also got awesome headphones.

I mean, the CD player isn’t great, but it’s awesome for 50 bucks or whatever we spent on it.

So, new list.

– Still Carolina shorts, I definitely need those. They are impossible to replace.

– A new digital camera, because I don’t think Steve will get me one unless I get him drunk first. He’s mad because he bought me a camera and I haven’t sent him a picture of Jordana naked yet.

– CDs or a bag would be nice. I want a bag that I can take to the gym, but will also double as an overnight bag that will fit a computer. I always end up taking two bags on a plane, and that’s just dumb.

– If you were going to get me a cool ass palm pilot, but then decided not to when you found out I didn’t lose mine, feel free to go ahead and get it for me. I will love you more if you buy me cool stuff, and less if you don’t. That’s how I work.

– New New Balance Running shoes. I tried running today in other shoes, and I finally just gave up.

– Everything Is Illuminated by Jonathan Safran Foer. I am about forty pages from the end, and it got stole.

– Double Stuff Oreos. Still missing.

I got cast in a show wherein I am one of three white guys. I will be performing at the Black Spectrum Performing Arts Center in Jamaica. I am, in a word, psyched. I am going to get to hang out with people that I would never have gotten a chance to before this. I have a bunch of auditions this week, but when they called I cancelled everything and told them I would do it. It might suck, my part might be small, but I will probably not get this chance again.

Jordana and I continued to celebrate well into the night last night. I mean, not all that well into the night. We celebrated for what I would consider to be a good while for a man my age who has not been, y’know, celebrating a lot lately. And since I am not really in the habit of celebrating myself, it was nice to be celebrated so aggressively by someone else.