Man, I haven’t written in weeks. Of course, I failed out of high school with just this sort of work ethic, so at least I am being consistent.

Sean P and Jesse are visiting from Iowa. Sean P is the ‘Sean’ of my last blog, who is a totally different Sean than me. has a better description. There was also a Shawn Williams in my show, that just closed, but, y’know, more on that later. Or not, maybe, who knows how much more I’ll write.

There is a weird sense of rejuvination that you get from being around people who are fifteen years younger than you are. Both Sean and Jesse are way better people than I was at their age. I was a cut-throat mother fucker who was really more interested in my own fiscal and sexual success than in anyone else’s opinions about anything. These guys are fascinating and fascinated. The openness with which they laugh at stuff took me years to find.

But the amazing thing is that all four of us (we are up at Ian’s farm) have the same sense of humor, and very similar tastes in music. I played Cex for my friends and, with the exception of Mac, they didn’t really like it, but Sean loves it and even quoted the same lines to me that Mac does. While Mike J was playing Handsome Boy Modeling School for me in Cali, Sean P. was playing it in his room in Iowa. And every night when Sean P and Jesse run to cartoon network to watch Family Guy and Futurama, my friend Steve is watching it right along with them about two hundred miles to the East in Chicago.

And maybe that’s why I don’t feel old when I’m around them. I’m getting married for the second time, but it sort of puts all that in perspective. On sitcoms the old farts always do something retarded when they try to recapture their youth. John Goodman, at the ripe old age of forty in 1988, put on a leather jacket and did his hair up in a pompodour, and then tried to ride a motorcycle. All acts that couldn’t possibly have been from his youth in, let’s say, 1968, unless he was a total zork.

Me, I’m doing roughly exactly what I would be doing. The only difference is sleeping until noon. So, maybe me and my buddies are doing just fine.