It has been an incredible weekend.

I think at a certain point, our lives mean nothing, really. When a guy cheats on his wife or someone breaks a promise to stay away from drugs or drinking, you can’t really get too mad about it. It is what it is, and when you take in the scope of the entirety of history, who really cares? When you are in New Orleans, at a certain point if you don’t pay for sex or pass out in public, you are way ahead.

My Uncle always said that nothing matters except your relationships with the people in your life and your relationship with the lord. I think my relationship with the lord is fairly well documented in this blog. So, let’s just say that raising good children who will raise better children etc., and your relationship with your friends might be the only real measure of a man.

If that is so, my brother Ian is one of the highest quality people on the planet. The sheer joy and pleasure that we have sought and celebrated this weekend is equal to the quality of the people that I have had the chance to spend my time with, and I can’t imagine this having been a better description of everyone’s love for Ian.

I think that makes sense.

I will say this, girls at a bachelor’s party is fine. Seriously. It isn’t a problem. I mean, if you can avoid it, then sure, go ahead, but seriously, it doesn’t *wreck* anything.