A whole nother show

So, the thing with a career in the theataah is basically just maintaining momentum. I wrote some time ago about a terrible audition I had to go to for a piece in the Estrogenius festival. The show was good but the part was basically just this guy in a play.

The audition was horrible, but I knew I had the Lucretia Jones gig (www.gideonth.com/ljmblog) and I didn’t really get too down about it. I went back and auditioned for a different piece in the Estro fest. The show was good and the part was great, nice and broad and sarcastic and tasty. I had a phone call during rehearsal last night from the director and, despite my terrible schedule and the fact that I have a show opening three weeks before this one, I was cast in the show.

I feel like you gotta just keep doing. It’s possible that my career will continue to develop like Mac’s has, just always having something on a burner somewhere, curious if anything is every going to bubble over. I know that all of what I’m doing will fly under the radar, but… I don’t know. I feel like I gotta keep doing it.

And, in case my head starts getting too big, I can always look at this;