More Yoga

I’ll say this, when you are doing Yoga and you start thinking to yourself, “Man, this is boring and really damn hard” and then your arms start quaking even though it doesn’t feel like you’re doing anything, at least if you just hold on and wait a minute, at least then, nothing else happens.

That’s the nice thing. Your sort of stuck in a position that you would normally only do if, say, you dropped something on the far side of a porcupine and you had to pick it up without moving your feet or if, say, you were submerged in water up to your mid thigh and your arms were tied to your ankles and you were trying to breathe, but then, y’know, more *nothing* happens. You just stand up and salutate or whatever and then bend more.

It makes my knees hurt as well. The price I pay for being skinny.