Steve And Deb

Despite a few really bad schedule problems, we had a great weekend with Steve and Deb.

This might look like all Deb does is yap and yap. I mean, I’m just saying that this might look like that.

Seeing Steve is just outrageously great. At one point we were laughing so hard that I inhaled a piece of twizzler and felt bad for two hours. Steve was a freshman in college when I met him, and the one thing I noticed about him was that the funniest thing said at any social event was said by him, and that is still true. He makes me laugh until I have to rub my cheeks down and catch my breath.

Steve, Mac and I developed one of those Carolina friendships that seem to happen to so many of my friends. Each of my close guy friends has one or two other guys from Carolina that they will love deeply for the rest of their lives. Ian has about eleven, but he was at Carolina for 15 years or something, so that makes sense.

The best thing is how hard the girls on our lives try not to find me, Mac and Steve funny. They mostly try to be disgusted when we start fighting with our stomachs or farting, but for some reason, they keep coming back for more. Maybe it’s because Steve looks like Dave Matthews…