Just Imagine

Pretend you hate George Bush. Not too hard for most of you reading this blog.

Now pretend that Russia, a country on the other side of the world who has always claimed to hate the US, decided to unilaterally invade America. They want to do it in order to bring a new system of government, to liberate us from a leader who assumed the reins of power even though he was not elected, to stop us from using chemical weapons on any country we want regardless of international opinion, to stop our government from fleecing its people and running up the national debt. To stop our government from using half of the world’s resources and creating half of the world’s polution despite having 5% of the world’s people.

Russia is a wealthy country, but it feels pretty obvious to the Americans that they are invading us for money more than for liberation, when you consider the acts of the invading nation, they are hardly a better country than ours. Their leaders were elected, but by a horribly corrupt system, and it’s a country where they murder their own citizens with a history of ethnic cleansing and brutal warfare.

Now imagine that, although you have been told that your army is strong and proud, imagine that we folded. In two or three months, we folded. Bush went into hiding and the Russians killed thousands and thousands of us. They tore down the Washington monument and hung the flag of Russia over Lincoln’s face.

Wouldn’t you fight? Wouldn’t you bomb? God, if you had a gun, wouldn’t you shoot it? The fourth airliner was run into the ground once the Americans on board heard about the first three. Do you think we would take this shit?

Now, imagine, you hate George Bush. You know he was shoved in office by his daddy’s cronies, that he didn’t win any election, that he is trying to make us live our lives in a way we don’t like. But then he is found, and all you see is invader-sanctioned television showing him with a foot long beard being poked and prodded, with Russian hands in his mouth and his hair.

Would you be happy?