Kids and Money

Today was one of those days where a ton of past work sort of sits a happy moment in your lap.

I’ve been doing these recordings long enough, and made enough mistakes with the parents over the years, to be able to smooth over a diffcult set of circumstances without re-inventing the wheel every time. The only time I can get into the studio is the first night of Channukah, but the Jewish kids seem to be fine with it and all the parents are pretty psyched up. Mostly it’s because I work with good people, but I know that they all understand that the work I do is with an eye toward benefiting the kids, so they generally fight for me when given the chance.

Then, we sat down to do a run-through of Lucretia tonight, and it was pretty damn good. At least, I know what I need to work on, and Mac and Jordi were awesome. We have been hired to do a Christmas party (I mean, we produced a show that can be sold as Christmas Party entertainment. Us. The people who brought you the Dirty Juanita. Amazing.), so we had to find out where we were.

The company is getting paid some money, but we have borrowed tons of talent to make the show happen and now it will be a thrill to pay those people a little something for helping us make the show. We have a couple of agents who want to sell it, and it looks like that would be really fun.

I promise more actual rants soon, I know y’all love it when I just decide to *bitch* about stuff. I do have one little complaint tonight. I have to shave off my beard in order to do Lucretia, and it was just getting awesome.