So, there are other aspects of this.

One) Metaphorically, food is the most important thing we have. Hunger and satiation of hunger are the two most powerful tools we have to explain wide sweeps of emotion, and for some of us, ironically myself specifically, oral fixations mean that we are only fully happy when we are eating or ingesting with our mouths in some way. When you want something, that is one thing, but when you hunger for something, that is carnal, that is passion. When you have the thing you wanted, then, sure, you got it, but when you are made full by something, when you are sated, then it’s as if you need or want nothing else.

Two) In a Jungian sense, there is nothing more important than food. Every myth from original sin to the Olympics has, y’know, apples or something. Fruitcake has a really rich history. In England, fruitcakes are the traditional wedding cake, bridesmaids are supposed to put fruitcake under their pillow the night after the wedding and they will dream of their husband to be. Every food has an ancient story about its uses and its poisons, every religion has it’s food laws. Even the Mormons have jello.

Three) Meals are actually unnecessary. We would be healthier if we just consumed a coupla hundred calories every coupla hours. But we have meals because we need to, it’s our chance to come together, to declare our family time, not in arrogance, but in celebration. Going out for a meal is amazing, you get to have that family time without having to actually cook anything or do any dishes.

Four) Serving another person, in humility and with attention to the act of humbling yourself to your fellow man, can be one of the most fulfilling spiritual acts that one can do. Buddhists know this. Real Christians know this. If you can lose your ego and devote yourself to the happiness of the people around you, you can learn about not only yourself, but also about those people and the world.

So, really, that last blog wasn’t all that well thought out.

That being said, if you think you’re cool because you bring people food, then you suck. You didn’t make the food, you aren’t expressing anything with the food, you have lost any kharmaic points by being an ass, you don’t know the myths and you aren’t sharing any thoughts. You’re making the gathered family feel stupid for gathering at your door.

And you should go shoot yourself.