I had to try a couple of different usernames just to get on this site. Maybe I should post more.

You look at today, and apparently, the government is warning about possible attacks in both Kenya and Saudi Arabia. Also, the “terror threat” is at, y’know, *yellow* or some such thing. “Elevated”, to be sure.

It’s become the new “what about the children” hasn’t it? Every time someone suggests a better way of running the country, some dumbass yells “but the *children* are gonna suffer!” No-one dares to say what’s on their mind, that children are supposed to suffer, that makes them hard and smart instead of insipid self-help obsessed little shits who finally mature in their mid thirties. When do you think they’re gonna change the terror threat thingie from yellow? Never. How could they? “We’re basically okay now, don’t worry about it, a terrorist attack might happen, but as far as we know it won’t.”

No politician worth his salt is ever gonna lower the fucking terror threat index back to safe. No country in the history of man has ever been safe, everyone is always under attack, and the truth is we are safer living in America today, with a rational rule of law and the most refined military in human history, than any other person has ever been since Adam shtumped Eve. But, sure, I gotta admit, there is the threat of someone who hates us attacking us.

I mean, let’s be honest, the threat of massive plague should be “elevated” right now. Flu season, you know. God knows when those microbes will attack next.

I walk through bed-stuy without any problems, my neighborhood is mostly Mediterranean with a lot of Arabs, the studio where I work is filled with death metal wannabes, and you know what I’m actually scared of? I’m actually scared that my friends don’t like me as much as they pretend, that my wife tolerates my bad behavior, that my parents are going to be too old to help me raise my children. I’m afraid of doing bad to other people cosmically, and I am afraid of being alone for too long. I act in accordance with these fears, and regardless of what Tom Ridge keeps saying.

There was a time when our leaders told us that the only thing we had to fear was fear itself, when we were brave. Now, we are soft children, yet to mature.

I promise, I’ll write a few days in a row and talk about stuff other than this. I don’t actually even care about this. I mean, I think that’s what stopped me writing, I realized that blogs are mostly lies, even when the writer is telling the God’s honest truth. The second you post it, you realize that your feelings are actually duplicitous and that there is no way to keep a journal that makes sense.

But, I’ll keep writing if you will. And you know who I mean, Mac, Sean, Michelle, Margaret Cho, etc….