The President

Don’t tell me that we can take back the White House. In fact, here’s something specific; don’t say “Together, we can take back the white house.”

Dean is done. I love him, he’d be a good president, but he’s done. Because we let everyone vote, and everyone is convinced he is unelectable, so they won’t vote for him. They believe that other people won’t vote for him, they don’t know why, and so they know they shouldn’t bother. What are his views on Nafta? Abortion? Tax subsidies for first time home buyers? They don’t know, but they know, in their high school, most of the other kids wouldn’t want to have the party at his house, so they’re going along with it.

Don’t argue the point. I’ve heard people say “I’m pro-life, but I respect the fact that pro-choice people might not agree with that and they have the right to do what they want.” If I have to explain to you that this person is actually pro-choice, and that they can’t see it for themselves, then you’re one of those people. You’re too dumb to read this. And I’m no genius, so you’re pretty stupid.

Are there disenfranchised people? Sure. But most of these people are gonna hate Bush no matter what he does. He’s on the other team. He’s a Dookie. He could triple the funding for the NEA and these people would hang on the fact that he lied about WMD.

He didn’t lie. He was lied to, and he’s dumb. He was searching for the information he wanted in order to justify doing what he thought was best. That makes him a bad president, especially since he won’t admit that he made decisions based on bad intel, but it doesn’t exactly make him Hitler. If he was in a company and he misused a massive amount of that company’s funds producing a product that his R&D; people told him would work, but then it turns out to be a giant waste of money, he would get fired from that company, and rightly so.

So, tell me that. Talk to me about the deficit. Talk to me about mortgaging my children’s futures and that Bush is the most fiscally liberal president since Johnson. Sure, you can remind me how out of touch he is with my problems, how he’s basically a boob. You can remind me that he grew up as a child of infinite priviledge. You can remind me that he, personally, doesn’t care at all about my life.

But the Presidency has been ours this entire time, as much as it ever is. We are not taking back the White House, like some kind of South American coup d’etat. We are firing the general manager and coach and we are bringing in a new guy that can inspire our team. Bush has done the best he can, he has not soiled the presidency, and we need to bring in someone who can lead us in a direction that will make us safer and stronger. It’s that simple.