It comes as no surprise to the people who know me that I have a blog. It is not always the truest criticisms that stick in your craw, it is the cruelest one, the ones that show you to the world to be what you secretly hope no-one sees but yourself.

My brother once wrote an email describing the myths of our family, and I was boiled down to a drama queen. I had a friend who left directly after watching a movie even though several of us were going to dinner because he specifically didn’t want to listen to my opinion about the movie. The other night, several friends questioned whether I should be taking health advice from a personal trainer, as if I were taking the advice because it seemed so full of doom. The list goes on. When I become passionate about something, I can actually hear the collected eyes rolling, like a giant wheel of derision slipping one notch in, making my chest one step tighter. And of course, what has just been written will be added to the list.

The truth is, I hold myself in as little esteem as anyone else. I’m constantly shocked by the level of intellect in the people that seek out my company, I’m always grateful for the consideration of my friends and family that lead me down the path like a gaggle of third grade teachers, and I’m always humbled whenever I make my friends or family laugh.

Today, leading the news is that Rosie Odonell got married to a woman, and a little over 4% of *all catholic priests* have molestation charges leveled against them. No-one is condemning the catholic church, of course. People are condemning homosexual marriage.

Maybe I get so upset about all this because I’m a fucking drama queen. Maybe I just want someone to stir the pot, to excite me. No-one in the public eye does anything for me. We don’t get to choose between leaders of vision and integrity. Bush is going to kill a lot of Arabs, Kerry is going to make sure a woman’s right to chose isn’t taken away, and that’s all we’re voting for.

Are you scared of foreigners? Vote for Bush, he seems like he will protect you. Are you scared of a right wing agenda? Vote for Kerry, he seems like he’ll protect you. But there’s no clear vision. No-one is telling me what they will fight for, except for, y’know, *me* or something.

So, maybe it is just that I want someone to be dramatic. A great man of poise and intellect, who can speak rapturously, who can lead, who can excite and inspire, who can make things safer and better. Maybe it is just that I need some drama. But there has probably never been a more important election in my lifetime, and I’m gonna vote for “whoever” and hope enough other people do as well to remove Bush from power.

I just wish someone would look at the reactions people are having and say “this is wrong”. I wish someone would say, “Mel Gibson made a movie- that’s all, Janet Jackson’s titt is no different that anyone else’s, Martha Stewart, Michael Jackson and Kobe Bryant have all been arrested and are on trial, so don’t worry about them, and *CRIMES* against America are being committed. Pay ATTENTION. How you act now will determine what your grandchildren will think of you.”

But no-one will. Our country just limps along in short shallow breaths. But, you don’t have to worry, I’m not going to write about politics anymore. From now on, it’s nothing but farting and impotence jokes.