Ian said something about 69% of the country the other day, and I feel like the problem is that they asked the wrong question. “Should marriage be a union between a man and a woman, or between two people?” I mean, the fact that 31% of the country answered “two people” is a miracle of liberalism. We’ve never had a gay marriage, ever, in the history of this country, we’ve never had a legally sanctioned gay marriage in America. And fully a third of our neighbors are willing to change that? Awesome.

Also, the question should be, “Should there be a constitutional ammendment that limits the civil rights of a specific minority of people, such as denying redheads from getting driver’s licenses, or denying left handed people from the NBA, or denying gay people the right to marry?” Or, if that’s too obtuse, the question should be asked, “In attempting to defend marriage in the US, should the constitution be altered so that adultery and divorce are made illegal?” I would love to see that debated in the senate… how many of those fuckers would stand up and say, “Okay, look, this is stupid. We can’t outlaw human nature. People are bound to get divorces and to cheat on their partners.”

Seriously, someone should ask, “Should the constitution of the United States be changed in order to deny homosexuals the right to marry?” If that was the question, my guess is the number would be much smaller than 69%. People who *hate* fags still love America.

Bush knows this will fail, so he gets to win on all fronts. He can appease the right wing christians by calling for a constitutional ammendment, but the left will be grateful because it will have failed on his watch. Hopefully, by cuddling up to the intolerant, people who are horrified by his fiscal record will now be unable to vote for him, trusting that they can make a democrat fight the war on terror with as much gusto as Bush. Or, even better, as much gusto as Clinton did.

It’s hilarious to me that you just read my blog entry on politics. In case you haven’t figured it out by now, I”M AN IDIOT. Look at this…