What Are You Thinking?

So, Janet Jackson is being shunned for tit-gate, Tyra Banks is being hassled for the models having sex on her show, Howard Stern is being forced off the air, and gay marriages are being shut down in California.

There is actually a battle going on in our country, and yes, it is a cultural battle, but it isn’t the battle that you might think it is. This isn’t a battle against one group of people with a firm idea of right and wrong versus a group of people with fluid interpretations. This is a battle for truth.

Have you ever seen a breast? Ever? In your life? Your pet cat, your pet dog, does it have rows of nipples? Do you think people *don’t* have nipples? Women have nipples, and they are nice. When did you *decide* to be offended by seeing a nipple? It didn’t come naturally to you, there is nothing offensive about a breast, so why did you make up this feeling of anger at one fucking exposed breast? What Are You Thinking?

Tyra Banks has had sexual intercourse before. So have all the models on her show. They’ve been given the high hard one, but good, and on several occasions. You know how I know? Because *I’ve* had sex with a fairly large number of people, and these are *MODELS*. I’m a fat guy. So, knowing that they have sex, why should we pretend they don’t? Why did you decide that they don’t have sex unless it’s shown explicitly? What In GOD’S NAME Are You Thinking?

Howard Stern objectifies women. He likes looking at good looking women, and he has naked lesbians on his show. Please, will the people out there who have no conception of visual beauty please write to me and let me know that you don’t objectify women? C’mon, blind people. The objectification of women *happens* and Howard Stern *talks about it*. He talks about stuff that happens. Do you think it doesn’t? Ladies, do you watch ballet or basketball and never notice a guy’s arms or legs or *cock* for the love of God? Why do you think that silencing this guy will make it go away? WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?

You think we were born with the eyes of a carnivore, set together in front of our face, because we *weren’t* supposed to judge circumstances based on what we see? Do you walk in to doors and furniture? Do you recognize your friends by *smell*? Are you *BLIND*?

Back off, I’m on a tear.

Gay men are all around you, all the time. Guys who have sex with other guys. Do you think they aren’t there? What makes you think that constant condemnation makes it possible for these people to stop being gay? What are you trying to solve by blocking people basic rights?

Seriously, I want to know. Let’s say you pass a fucking *CONSTITUTIONAL AMMENDMENT* banning gay marriage. Do you honestly think that will stop gayness? What, are you gonna arrest gay people and put them in *prison*? Because I’m *SURE* that’s gonna stop them from buggery. They aren’t trying to marry *YOU*, they’re marrying each other, because they’re gonna fuck each other no matter what you do or say. Do you honestly think that stopping them from marrying is accomplishing anything?

And for you Republicans, you get pissed off about all the sex on TV, but you are totally cool with Fox News. You don’t want there to be any coverage of things that ACTUALLY HAPPEN, but you fully support a channel devoted to lies and distortions. You’re okay with your children being told lies about things that are important, but you are appalled by naturally occuring phenomena. What are you fucking thinking?

I’m not just talking to Republicans. I’m talking to you. If you don’t like what you see on TV and hear on the radio, then turn it the fuck off. It’s just the truth, you can hide from it. And if you don’t want your kids to be confused by the adult messages they hear, then RAISE THEM YOUR FUCKING SELVES, don’t sit them in front of the TV and bitch about what they’re watching.

Raise your fucking kids. Don’t make my adult life about raising your child, raise your own damn child. And if you don’t want them to ever see a nipple, then throw out your TV. You just watched the superbowl with your kids, with cheerleaders, violence, beer commercials and a halftime show full of horrible singing, and Janet Jacksons’ titt got you pissed off? Her tit is a real thing, there is a “news” channel that lies and distorts *24 HOURS A DAY*, and you’re mad about .5 seconds worth of lovely boob?

What are you thinking?