No Lie

Yeah, Monday, yesterday that is, was the day you have with every show. That one day where you think it isn’t going to happen and even if it does it wasn’t worth it. It’s a crappy place to be, and since there are no rehearsals for this, I don’t get that rehearsal after the bad rehearsal feel in order to snap me out of it.

But I do find myself recommitted, and I realize now that I was hoping this would all be over because I’m actually really scared about what people will think. I’m scared of what they will think of the wedding, what they will think of each other.

I mean, the people who are coming are damn near stereotypes. They are so totally *them*, a lot of them. I was looking around the bachelor party weekend, and if I had skipped the conversation part of getting to know my friends and had simply picked people by hair loss and weight gain patterns, it still would have been roughly the same group.

If you want to find something to hate about each of the groups coming to the wedding, you’ll find it. My mom? Easy. My dad? Forget about it. Jordana’s folks? Fish in a barrel. If people want to hate this wedding, it’s gonna be really easy to hate it.

And I care much less than I am worried about how much Jordana will care. If someone drinks two glasses of wine, we’re gonna hear about how they have a problem. If someone speaks in Hebrew, it’ll be a joke for years to come. Someone’s dress is too low? Someone’s had work done? Someone is too fat? Someone’s anorexic?

And the bachelor weekend was exactly what I needed. These guys? Jesus Christ. I didn’t shower for four days and these guys didn’t *notice*.

So, there is a certain amount of hesitant optimism when I think about the wedding. Not dread, like yesterday, but a sort of balanced hopefullness.

I’ll tell you this. When I think about all the people, I get nervous. When I think about slipping a ring on that girl’s hand, I just about want to die of joy.

And when I see all of our awesome presents, I realize what I’m getting out of this is more than just a happy marriage, but also a brand new kitchen.

And new silverware…