Other People

It’s a slippery slope, dealing with too many people over too much time. When you don’t have the time alone to yourself to clear out the cobwebs, it can be pretty rough for most people.

For me, I jsut had the bachelor party weekend that was *exactly* waht I wanted. My friends and I talked for three days. That’s it. Well, we bowled a little, ate some sandwiches, drank a lot, but mostly just talked.

My friends are really lovely. They are a group of kind and intelligent people who not only love me, but they seem to love each other so much. And they are really gentle people, kind and thoughtful with each other and with everyone. Cracking up these guys means something.

But for most people, and for me most times, you need time away from social demands just to let your internal compass spin around a few thousand times and then slowly come to a rest at true north. My marriage has already started, and I know this because the only way I can find true north is with Jordana’s help.

For the boys and girls who got together this weekend, I hope you find a time to be alone, and for people who feel alone right now, man, I hope you get a chance to have your friends around you.

To tell you the truth, I’m excited for the wedding, but I’m really excited to be on the other side of the wedding and to be back in rehearsal. This is a great show we’re gonna put on this coming Saturday, but I’m psyched to going back to creating the next new piece.