Making this wedding happen is turning into a production, just like any other piece of theater, except that it seems like there is nowhere near the panic.

When I produce, what I like to do is raise the money, or have the money, and then hire the right people to do all the right jobs and when they *really suck*, I’ll say something. That’s exactly what’s happened with this wedding, except no-one has ended up *really* sucking. There have been a few moments of suckage, but nothing too bad.

Of course, just like when you produce a show, there is one tiny detail that, if you want it to happen, you end up with a hacksaw, a tube of glue, some black fabric and a needle-n-thread in your living room, covered in sawdust and throwing something over your shoulder that you just spent hours making.

The cool thing is that I’ve been there before. I made a stand for a violin, it took me hours and when I got done I looked at it and tossed it over my shoulder and it shattered. Fine. I’ve tossed so much shit over my shoulder when I’m making set pieces.

But I can see this freaking someone out who hasn’t done theater before. And it’s theater specifically, I know a lot of people have produced recordings and movies and shit, but unless you’ve hung blacks it aint quite the same thing.

My Sweet Living Room, you can see the drill, the violin and the Star Wars action figures. You can also see some of the stands we built, and the box for the clarinet/flute stand we bought. You know how we do…