Wrapping up the Moon o’ Honey

Yeah, we’re leaving tomorrow at the crack of dawn. Jace Alexander has decided that, despite my best attempts to be a bum, I should have some sort of a career, so he scheduled an audition for me tomorrow afternoon.

A couple of things. I understand the power of a good backrub, and the disappointment of a bad one. I also understand that most of the world is living on totally different economic legs than we are. I walk in to this place and tip twenty percent for people and suddenly I’m the frickin’ mayor.

The spa bought us a two hundred dollar dinner tonight, so I tipped as best I could and rolled back up to the room. Jordana was packing our stuff up while I sat on the bed watching TV. She was smiling. I asked her what was funny and she said, “it’s not that. I’m packing up our clothes, both of ours, and I feel like someone’s wife. It sorta made me smile.”

It will be indescribably great to get back to real life, back to auditions and rehearsals and meetings with Mac and Jordi to try to get our collective professional lives jump started. I want to have dinner parties and get up at 7 and go to the gym and all the stuff that makes up my real life. It’s been a lovely departure, but now I have to actually deserve the love I have from my family and friends, and I’m, strangely, excited about trying instead of cautious.

About the wedding, I’m starting to be able to deal with it. During my massage today, I spent the entire time trying to remember every detail. I clearly remember the ceremony and then there’s a sort of blank and then I remember the toasts (J’s mom, my dad, and our punk ass best man). When I concentrate, little tiny things come back to me, but it’s fun to do it that way. I think I don’t want to see the videotape.

Anyway. Tomorrow, back to life, back to reality. Thankfully.