Garage Band

This program came on my computer, and the reviews of it have been raves. Seriously, it won’t make you a musician, but if you have ever sat with music recording equipment before, in five minutes you’ll be making songs.

In fact, it seems to be largely designed for people who *aren’t* musicians, which is awesome. But I have music written in Finale and I can’t seem to import them into GB no matter how much I try. It’s pretty easy to export music created in GB into Finale so you can have lead sheets and whole scores, but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to go in reverse.

My friend Melissa is a really gifted songwriter and she has asked me to work with her on her music. She wants to get it recorded and published and everything, she’s thinking about royalties, and I think I can at least pilot her away from obvious disaster. I’ve also been offerred a show in the Fringe being produced by 23 year olds, one of whom is a beautiful girl, and my extremely good looking ex-wife wants to produce a screenplay I’ve written.

Too bad it still feels like I *DON’T HAVE A JOB*. For not having a job, I sure have a lot of fucking bullshit I have to deal with.

Also, the plug on Jordana’s computer is now broken and won’t charge her battery. She’s got more computing power than that used by NASA to launch Voyager, but the plug won’t work anymore. $250 to fix it.

I need to shower both before and after the gym on days like this.