Political idiot

I’m an idiot, so disregard what you’re about to read.

(Knuckle crack, Deep Sigh… Huge Inhalation)

Okay. There is apparently a segment of the population out there that believe that there is a lot of information about terrorism that Bush has and we just gotta trust him, he knows what he’s doing. There were WMDs in Iraq, there is a pretty concrete connection between Saddam and Al Qaeda and there are definitely terrorists in the U.S. who are willing to blow themselves up in order to stop our freedom.

So much of the proof of these things is wrapped up in the information community, and if we tell the American people what we know, we will also be tipping our hand to our enemy. If we release the names of the Al Qaeda members living in the States, then they’ll know they’re being watched, if we reveal the full breadth of our WMD knowledge we will be risking the lives of people in sensitive intelligence positions.

Seriously. People believe this, and these people aren’t stupid people. These are good people who have found a way to double-think their way into continuing support for the President. I can’t prove they’re wrong, I personally feel like the burden of proof should be the President’s, but, as I said, I’m an idiot and plenty of smart people know more than I do and believe the things I wrote above.

Here’s my question. though. These are the same people who want to dismantle social programs because, as the argument has been put to me so many times in the past, our government is inept at handling social injustices. We can’t feed our hungry or house our poor because the government is a huge beaurocratic monster that can’t deal with finesse projects. And our government can’t be trusted to use our money to help curb social ills any better than we could if we kept our money and dealt with these problems on a person-to-person basis.

Unless it has anything to do with sex. Then, these people believe that morality should be legislated by the same group of people that are incapable of funding the arts. We should be making sure that public funds are put towards educating children about not doing any natural acts. The same government that is supposed to be too inept to legislate away homelessness, hunger and desparation is being asked to legislate away gayness, sex for any means other than reproduction and the word “fuck”.

I understand that not all of these ideas are mutually exclussive, but you so-called “libertarians” that are voting for Bush are dumber than I am. And Republicans, get your shit straight. Either you are a big government, fiscally irresponsible religious zealot, which means you should vote for Bush, or you’re not and you should vote for someone else. Why is it that none of you pro-smaller government, anti-abortion, anti-gay marriage people realize that you can’t be the last two if you’re the first one?

Whatever. Ignore this post as well. I know why you’re voting for Bush, it’s because you’re scared, and I’m scared as well. My fear is stupid, I can’t get on a plane any more. We all saw the planes hit the towers and for some reason, I’m scared of planes and you chose the smarter route and you’re scared of Arabs. I understand. So vote to support the war, kill anyone you want, but protect my rights and we’ll be cool. I’ll think you’re wrong, but we can still get dinner or whatever.