Fringe Audience, Day Four

I’m a grouchy old prick, and if you don’t know that by now, you haven’t been reading my blog.

Is it fair for me to review other people’s shows and say nothing of my own? I don’t know. I could write a blog that was either heavily critical or heavily celebratory, but the reason that actors don’t write their own reviews is that they have no way of knowing how good the show is. And you can’t go by what people tell you. For a show you hated, have you ever hung around to tell the cast? No, you only hang around if you are touched, and people can be touched by almost anything.

I can give you some facts about the show. They nearly sold out an 80 seat theater. We had massive technical problems, last minute changes to the set and last second cue shifts. Most of us do not know our lines, there were a *lot* of dropped lines and, in my opinion, even worse, dropped moments. Because we weren’t saying what the script had written, we were left to improvise totally different moments in order for the action to happen. The audience loved our show and laughed all the way through. Many people told me afterwards that they loved my performance.

So, those are the facts. The above is not interpretation of an artistic expression, that’s simply what happened. I’ll leave it to the audience to decide what was good and what was bad about this piece.

I’m willing to posit this opinion. I don’t like the fact that everyone seems to think flip-flops are acceptable foot wear. New Yorkers have some ugly damn feet, and when you go into and out of a subway, you are making your actual *feet* dirty. God, the variations on the pinkie toe alone are enough to make your head swim when your looking around a crowded train. Ugh, it makes me shudder just to think about it.