It’s always something

After bowing out of rehearsal early tonight, I managed to take care of a little bit of business and then caught up with the cast of the last show I was in. They have secured a run of the show, which is absolutely wonderful because they are good people and they’ve done a good show. They are also basing the cast around me, which is a gift I really don’t deserve and will have to work hard in the future to have earned. It’s gonna run four shows a week for the month of February, and they said there is real money involved now.

So, that’s kind of wonderful. Apparently the feedback on the show was overwhelming and almost all of it centered around me. My friend Mac did a show that I directed some years ago where I called him to about six rehearsals, I let him screw around and do anything he wanted both on stage and off, and he got rave reviews and I remember him describing it as the highest ratio between fun achieved and work done in order to achieve that fun of any show he’s ever done. Every time he said it, he seemed embarassed and I couldn’t really tell why. Now, I know.

It’s tought to be celebrated for something that comes really easy. It’s like Atticus shooting the dog in To Kill A Mockingbird. But I’m not going to be too introspective about it, I’m just gonna try to remember it the next time I’m doing a trust exercise.

(Y’know, I don’t have spellcheck on this blog and last post I wanted to write “labour” and here I’m not sure if it’s exercise or exercize. The only year of school I really attended was second grade, and that was in England, so bear with me. Cheers!)