Other Blogs

I got a call from a friend last night asking me if I’m sad because he read my blog. I told him I wasn’t.

In an effort to avoid any more phone calls like that, I’m posting another blog. It is disheartening that the best stuff I’ve ever written in this blog will never be read again, but that’s the nature of blogs in general. We’re only as good as whatever you are writing right now. But I have a random assortment of blogs I check every few days, and I thought I’d give a shout out.

By the way, if you track your own blog back to mine and this is the first you’re reading of this, you should know the best stuff is from some months ago. I won’t tell you where, you’ll just have to start reading and stop when it gets awesome.

First are a series of theater blogs. Mac’s Blog is where I start, but then I usually check in on Terry Teachout who is a critic for the Washington Post.

Then I go quickly through Dan (although lately he’s not been posting much), then George and then Laura. The last blog is fascinating because I’ve watched a playwright as she’s left New York to return to the South and then, y’know, try to figure her shit out.

If you think every single one of us doesn’t consider leaving New York once at least one a month, you’re mistaken.

On each one of these blogs, I sometimes wander from there. The fun thing is that Mac sometimes fights with these guys and gals about what’s important in the world of theater, which thrills me and makes me feel retarded. But it is fun.

One of my favorites is Alton Brown’s Rants & Raves . I can’t say enough about AB. This is not the best show on TV, it is the best show for ME on the PLANET. He’s a southern nerd chef, a genius of food prep who is an armchair scientist and… Look, I’m not going to go on. I refuse to argue the point. There is no better television show currently being made if the demographic was one dude, and that dude was me. To be fair, Alton posts about once every two months, so this isn’t one I check very often.

My own family’s blogs are to the side, but you should really start with Sean Patrick , the other dark meat, or as I like to call him, Mini-Me. Bud isn’t a member of the family, but I’ve known him since 1987, and he once pulled a knife on me at a time in my life that I should have been stabbed.

By the way, no-one posts as much as I’d like them to.

As long as I’m getting to my friends Anthony is a fantastic multi-talented hyphenate. It’s impossible to describe what he does without selling him short, but he writes, directs, acts and (God help him) is an expert at improv. Dan basically publishes a blog that contains anything he doesn’t publish on Slate or Salon or the New York Times, which means he also doesn’t post as much as he might, but everything he writes is professional and polished.

There are also people who have no idea that I know them. This blog is one of the most powerful examples of the way the internet has changed the world. Insane that this guy can blog his life for me. Anil Dash is a pretty infamous blogger in his own right. This girl is a great photographer and a big baseball fan, which is fun.

Two women who blow my mind are Krissa (petithiboux) and Dooce . Dooce is very popular with my family, but Petithiboux (which is what I always think her name is in my head) is just goddam miraculous. I adore her writing, I adore reading about her life.

I read two famous people’s blogs. Margaret Cho is one, but I read her blog so you don’t have to. Believe me, I’ll snip out the funny stuff and email you with it. Zach Braff is also keeping a blog, and every time he writes it’s hilarious.

So. Now I don’t have to write for a day or two, right? Go read these guys.