All right, all right, let’s all just calm down for a second. My last post is just something you are going to have to put up with if you want to read this blog, it only happens once every great while, most of the rest of the time I’m sweet as a child’s ice cream.

I promise, coming soon, will be rhapsodic declarations of love to my wife, my family, my craft, my career. I will tell a story about my sweet friend who recently turned a corner, from grief to recovery. I’ll talk of loves past that I still miss, when the weather turns from summer’s sweet freedom to autumnal melancholy. I’ll look forward with hope to that miracle of a day when I see my child’s first steps.

But, y’see, none of that is happening now. If I were a welder and no-one worked in steel anymore, I’d get to say “I’m one hell of a welder, but now they make buildings out of plastic” and no-one would shake their heads and say, “Your bulging delusions of grandeur are showing…” I’m really good at my job and I’m at the ass end of a run of great luck and I don’t know where my next job will be coming from. If you think that doesn’t suck, I mean, you’re just wrong.

And what is surprizing to me is that, not only can you simply not read this blog, but it actually takes some time to download it. Go do something else.

Plus your emails just spur me on. Ask my wife. I do shit all the time just to get criticized. It’s almost like I’m an infant, unless you count how good I am in bed. Sometimes I sit down at the computer with nothing to say and I just try to come up with something retarded and offensive. I’m amazed that it works.

So, as we used to say in North Carolina, if you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes. I’m too lazy to keep this up for long.