Too sick to think

I am only vaguely aware of either Monday or Tuesday. I keep swimming up into awareness only to realize that I’ve lost most of the time since we went upstate on Saturday.

The only update I have is that I have meetings tomorrow with two agents at two really good firms (Abrams and Paradigm) and if they don’t work out I have a meeting with a third (Innovative) next Thursday. We’re still waiting on possible other good news, although at this point it has to be any new news is good news.

Also, I talked to my dad the other day, which is nice. I don’t remember anything about it except that later that night Jordana said something about my dad and I remember saying, “I talked to him today.”

Three weeks from today is the deadline for the show we’re writing. We still have about 68% of the work left.

But still, steps forward, day by day.