A Tight Ship

Oh yeah, then why is the door open?

These are pictures from the recording session of both “Fleet Week” and “Lady Liberty”, which are both songs from the show “Fleet Week” coming soon to a theater near you, if you happen to live in downtown Manhattan, and if by “soon” you’re thinking six months, and “coming” means, to you, it might happen, it might not.

As you can see, we take all of this very seriously. This is art with a capital “R”. Sarah’s last name is Strange, so insert whatever joke you like. She’s Canadian, so there’s a million.

This is Rob, hitting notes that only occur in men of his size while Jordana marvels at her luck getting to be in the room. I call those notes High Deez

It takes a special kind of woman to sign up for two tours of duty in ‘Nam. Kami is not one of those women, but she is willing to do musicals on boats and musicals for children and, thank you God, musicals with me. One of the best cast mates, hands down, *ever*.

If talent was actual currency, this picture would be worth 600,000 dollars. But our currency is actual currency, so this picture of Micah, Jordana and Rob is free to you, just for visiting my blog.

More later on the Ladle Redux, the complete lack of control one has in live theater, and my crippling inability to handle stress.