Some Pictures

They don’t want us taking pictures of the subway, I understand that. I mean, I don’t understand that, but I understand that they don’t want us to. But this is one of the most breath-taking places in my daily journey to and from the city, and there’s only a little bit of subway involved.

This is the N platform, looking out over the Triboro

And, just one more because I wasn’t actually *in* the subway when I took it. I’m fascinated by the way the train sometimes looks like it’s carrying just heads, rows and rows of head wear, and they sometimes put up adverts that help with that look.

The girl in front is real

And, for all you New York theater types who are rehearsing a show right now, I thought I’d post a picture of the space where we’re rehearsing. It’s absurd.

You could fit three downtown theaters into this performance space