Two Musical Offerings

The first is the new mix of the prologue. I’ve gotten a coupla complaints about not explaining the song, so let’s just say there is an orchestra, a closed curtain, and the statue of liberty standing dead center as she sings. As she begins singing, you should be able to hear the foghorn.

Prologue RM 010305_01.mp3

This second piece is one of the best in the show. The quality isn’t nearly as good because the song is longer and Blogger has some kind of stick up its ass about how much shit you can upload. Jordana’s performance on it is heart-breaking. Her character is a woman, pretending to be a man in order to be a part of the war on terror, who has sudenly discovered that she is in love with one of her ship-mates. Her name is Swallows. Seaman Swallows.

Lose It RM 010305_01.mp3

And this is me. I’m waiting for Ian.