Another Slogging Step

I’m posting just two pictures, because they show both how far we’ve come, and how far we have to go.

This is the wall of obsession.

I am including this picture because by tonight, this wall will be yellow, or “Pismo Dunes” as we like to call it back on the West Coast, and the ceiling will be done. We also will have the carpet ripped out, tied in bundles, and left out for the garbage men to ignore.

This is the scheme we’re going for downstairs, which is where we discovered and fell in love with Pismo Dunes.

As you can see, there is no floor molding yet, and there may not be any when we move in on Saturday. I also never replaced the soffit, which was job number 2, probably. But I did build in the closet where we want it, and with the new carpet and walls painted, the soffit looks like a soffit running down the center of one wide room instead of two different long skinny rooms, which is what we wanted.

Oh, okay. Here’s the carpet and new closet I built, if you’re gonna be so insistent.

You can still see where the old closet was because we haven’t finished painting the ceiling yet, and we haven’t put up any crown molding, which is why you can see the crack at the top of the closet wall. And the soffit’s not done.

Let’s face it, I’ve done the bare minimum, which is, y’know, how I play. But we’ve got some final steps to take the next two days to make the house move-in-able, and then I’ll worry about the rest later.