Buyer’s Remourse? Naaa

Just a couple of pictures of our new house today.

We are painting our bedroom in celebration of March Madness.

Of course, it doesn’t matter what color the room is, it is so frickin’ huge and awesome.

That was Jordana’s job. My job was the front room.

Which was so damned depressing, I ripped the ceiling out of the middle room.

And sure, that was ugly, but I figured under the panelling had to be a nice wall…
Holy Crap.

This place is a shithole.

Of course, it’s our shithole, so we’re psyched.

I came into the bedroom and said to Jordana, “There’s good news and bad news”. She said, “Tell me the bad news first.” I led her into the room where the panelling was pulled back and showed her that it’s basically studs and drywall, that we have *massive* mounts of work to do. She was nervous but not upset. “What’s the good news?” I started to smile and talk and she said, “Oh no, the good news is that you love me and we own this house, right?”

I didn’t say anything.

“No, it is good news, it is. It’s just… I already knew that good news. It isn’t actually *news*. It’s *old*.”

I had to give her that.

God, this place is a shithole.