Lucy Photos

So, just pictures of the baby, then back to 24/7 Seansploitation!

Tessa on the phone with her mom, Lucy trying to get closer to her face. Every generation stands on the shoulders of giants.

“All right, Lucy, if someone says “tar” then you say…?”

I said to Jordana on the way home “how can you love someone who hasn’t done anything yet?” and she snapped at me, “she’s done a lot! She’s perfect!”

“Wait. You’re saying this is *my* kid?”

“Right, you’ll be sitting like this and he’ll ask you what you want for Christmas and you say, ‘No, No, nothing for me, but my dad needs these items from… You got that?”

I was on the phone with Ian and he said “I sat and played piano with Lucy” and I, jokingly, asked, “Oh yeah, how was she?” meaning, of course, how well did she play. In a far off voice Ian said, “She was just sorta making noises and looking around. She hasn’t really developed to the point where she knows what’s going on, but she sorta made noises along with the piano.” I think there’s no words for what being a father does to some men, but if there are, I’m pretty sure Ian won’t be able to come down long enough to come up with them. He changed the baby three times while we ate dinner, the third was to make sure Lucy was changed *before* she got mad about it.

I can’t believe he ever worried.