Time Being

So, I’m gonna post some pictures from the final bedroom, studio and front bedroom. I’m doing this now because tomorrow is my last day of internet access for a while. Jordana and I are not going to have access at the new house until next Wednesday, and we’re moving Saturday, and I doubt I’m gonna spend a lot of time doing this crap while we’re away.

This is the studio, just before we bought the house.

This is the studio now

This is the bedroom before we bought the house.

This is the bedroom on the eve of us moving in, so it’s a little messy.

It may not be totall clear, but the water damage has opened the seals in this room. This picture is right before we closed.

And this is as close as we’re gonna get before we move in.

I’ve gotten a lot of phone calls and lots of email… and tons of second hand email from my friends that I haven’t seen in months, so I just wanna give a shout out to my family, the poon, the VC, and all you independent email-ographers to let you know that I get stuff forwarded and yes, I do check my messages, and y’all know I’m a hopeless pathetic affirmation junkie and I wouldn’t have been able to power through this without y’all telling me that you think I’m awesome. I’m chagrined by how much of this I’ve screwed up, but, on the other hand, the whole place is gonna keep the rain off our heads and give us a place to have parties, so if you’ve called, written or emailed, even if you did it to someone else, and you said I did good, I will invite you over and give you alcohol. Any kind you want.

And now, for your continued viewing pleasure, a sleeping baby.