I am an arrogant sonofabitch. I also just don’t get it.

I believe that the government knows better how to spend my money than the people do. I also don’t support faith-based initiatives.

I don’t care at all about human life from the moment it begins. I am also a bleeding heart softie on criminals.

I don’t understand that Americans overwhelmingly describe themselves as capitalist and Christian. I also can’t see the blinding liberal bias in the media.

I believe that science is more important than faith. I also don’t get my news from Fox Cable News or any of the Right Wing online news-zines.

I believe that homosexuality isn’t a sin, despite what Jesus said. I have also actually read the bible, and know that Jesus never said anything about homosexuality.

I live in New York, completely out of touch with middle America. I also celebrate the fact that centers of higher learning, commerce and art overwhelmingly vote against middle America, because artists and teachers have infiltrated young minds and poisoned them against natural law.

I want restrictions on handguns and on energy consumption. I’m also totally out of touch with the fact that middle America has no interest in the inner cities or the haze over Hollywood.

I want to stop my government from being able to fully protect me by limiting its access to my sex life and my private thoughts. I also want to rely on government to solve all of society’s ills.

God help me. You don’t even *see* that you’re trying to have it both ways?

I guess the afore-mentioned leaps in logic are *mother’s milk* to anyone who thinks Carbon Dating is an inexact science.

Look, I’ve had enough, and any of my conservative friends know I’ve had enough. If you believe that the old testament is an acurate description of the beginnings of life on this earth, then I have no business with you. You’re an idiot. If you believe that Jesus Christ hated Jews and Arabs, then you are as stupid as people are made.

I don’t want stupid people in my life. I’ll go ahead and be in hell when I die, so long as you morons aren’t there.

If you’re a neo-con because you believe that re-shaping the middle east is the most important thing facing America today, and you believe in giant governmental and corporate intervention is the only way to ensure peace, then you are my friend. You can hang with me any time. I don’t agree, but I might be wrong. We don’t have the facts yet, this will all bear out in the future.

It could be that the social net we are spinning for the middle east won’t work. It could be that the social net that the left has fought for in America won’t work either. But if you believe that large groups of people can get together to further the good of the world, then we can talk. If you think that doing great evil to build future even greater good, then we can talk, we can hang. I might disagree, but it isn’t stupid.

But if you believe that you need to protect you and yours, that you need to be left alone to procreate and respirate, I got nothing to discuss with you. If you want the governement out of your life, then quit using our cops and our streets and our parks and our military and fucking fuck off. If you believe that the discovery of facts is dangerous, then you are too stupid to be my friend.

I am not that smart. You’re reading my blog, so, of course, I come across as a self involved asshole. I mean, it’s a blog, what the hell else am I supposed to write about. But I assure you, I read and study and cram before every meeting, before every task, before even social interactions. I’m not that smart, I am a guy who gets really excited about my friends and about the world around me, I’m a guy who acts always as if he is a step behind, as if he didn’t do the summer reading. I love people, I love being alive, I’m not particularly angry or verbose in regular social interactions.

But I’m way smarter than you if you want evolution not to be taught.

I mean, God, what the hell is wrong with *teaching*. Most of the people who are raised to hate America get here and realize they were lied to. One six pack of chicken McNuggets and communism fell. Even *jews* who WROTE the old testament, aren’t running around trying to stop the teaching of evolution.

I can’t talk about this well. But please know this, you know how your eyes glaze over the second I say “Um, Hillary Clinton is not a lesbian”? Please know that I started ignoring you *LOOOOOOONNNNGGGG* before we even got to that point. You’re just too stupid to even talk to.

And yeah, *I’m* the arrogant one. You’ve got a magic superhero in the sky who came back from the dead and answers your prayers and, because you turn your life over to him, you’re a much better person than I am, but… Sure. *I’m* the arrogant one.