Mac meets his match

So, Mac came up with a publicity stunt. He got a banner made with the words “Fleet Week, The Musical” on it.

Here, I’ll show you the picture…

Okay, so, there were two days of this. The second day, Mac handed out postcards to the fellas on Christoper Street. This was him with one guy in a red swimsuit.

Here’s him with with another fella. Also, this other fella wore a red swimsuit.

Notice Mac’s black socks.

So, anywhoodle, yesterday, Mac took the boat out and screamed “Fleet Week is here to takeover New York!” and stuff like that. He made an ass of himself. Because he wants to. He wants to make an ass out of himself. And then he was all, “if I make an ass out of myself, can I sell some tickets to Fleet Week?” and we were like, “um… what?” and he said, “never mind. It’ll be cool.” Then, he bought himself a hat and went on the prowl.

So, he’s on this boat, right. Oh, didn’t you see the boat?

That’s right. Over there, sailors.

Jesus Christ.

Anyway, Mac was leaving the dock on his boat and he was calling out to the crowd at Christopher Street pier and he hollered “Okay, ladies and fellas, we’ll see you at Fleet Week The Musical!” and then turned around and promptly ran out of gas. He sorta spun around in the water for forty five minutes until he was rescued.

He was rescued. By the COAST GUARD!

Yes. The Coast Guard.