My Pits Don’t Stink

We were at a rehearsal the other day looking over the plans we had comissioned for the set, for the show we wrote and are now producing that is going up at the Lucille Lortel theater, just the three of us, me, Mac and Jordana and I asked why Jordana was standing so funny. She had her shoulders hiked up and her arms crossed in front of her.

Jordana: “My pitters stink.”

Mac (surprised): “Mine do too!”

Jordana: “It’s horrible, I have to stand like this.

I crossed over to them with my right arm up over my head.

Me: “Smell this.”

Jordana (smelling my armpit): “Your pits smell fine.”

Mac (with almost no hesitation, smelling my armpit): “Yeah, that’s just deodorant smell.” (pause) “Actually, it’s quite nice.”

Then I leaned in to look at the plans. I smelled pitters.

Me: “Yeah, y’all’s pitters smell.”

I walked away.

The plans are *gorgeous* by the way.