Now, I’m not trying to say that my friend Steve is responsible for anything untoward. Steve is a good man, and a great doctor.

But, what I can tell you is that my friend Mac, about a month ago, found himself written upon.

If you look close, you will see one of the prime suspects, Amy, who pretty obviously has the pen in her hand, and who seems to be faking sleep. Here’s a closer look.

And just so you see the context, here she is, clearly in the same room and same bed with Mac.

Now, clearly, not only is Amy a suspect. Carrey might be as well a suspect. She *is* in the room. But here’s the thing, a picture can say a thousand words, and if you know my friend Steve, you will *know* that, while words may be written on Mac’s face (and a hell of a moustache) GUILT is clearly written all over Steve’s face.