Some Pictures

So, I was gonna write to my friends and bitch about how they never update their blogs and I realized that I don’t update this one nearly enough. So. here are some comparison/contrast fotos for you.

This is our dining room after we pulled up the shitty sticky tile and poured concrete floor where it was uneven.

This is the same dining room after we tiled a chunk of it.

This is the full cast of our latest show……taken during the show with no flash. Here is proof that grab-ass is a theme in our shows. St. Ignatius Hanukah Pageant…
And Fleet Week, The Musical…

And yes, there are some actors in both shows. We are a hopelessly loyal bunch, and we, all three of us, have a bunch of actors that we just think are fantastic. The skinny girl in both shots, Laura Perloe, was also in our other play this year, and she has proven to be just intensely good at everything we’ve asked of her, even when she had to be the anti-Christ.
She crawled out covered in blood screaming like a baby, despite this being, essentially, a workshop production

Yeah, we’re very loyal, and I’m sure everyone who knows the three of us takes this as a given. We always invite our friends in to audition, we always seem to be very nice people. But I’m here to tell you, there is a sick underbelly. We remember every single slight. We can recall verbatim every single mean thing you’ve ever said about anybody. We keep two lists in our heads, just remember that. Two lists. And whichever list you think you’re on, you’re probably on the other one. Unless you think you’re on the shit-list, then you’re probably right.