It’s The Wurk

So, I’ve been working on our show for next summer and our house for, um, well next time we have people over. We’ve tiled the floor of the kitchen and we’ve tiled the backsplash. We’re pretty psyched about the musical, we’re far more psyched about the house. Every once in a while the house takes a big step forward, and this weekend it took another limping leap. Here’s our kitchen.

Actually, that’s just the backsplash and the new stuff, we also did the floor.

Jordana’s mom is always worrying about her wearing a mask.

All right. We’re also tiling the front entryway, but we’re not done with that, so no pictures.

Look, I’ll get back to ranting as soon as I have spare time. Right now, I’m making up for all those years of sitting around talking about stuff. I know I don’t update this enough, I’ll get to it. The new music is actually really hard, much harder than Fleet Week.

Here’s what the kitchen looked like before we started kicking its ass.