No Apologies

I’ve eaten two sandwiches and a bowl of oatmeal in the last six days. Before that it was the studio, the Christmas, so I can’t really apologize for the lack of writing. My fever is now under control, hovering just under 100, but I’m still sweating through anything I wear and soaking anything I’m lying on.

I talk a lot about the fact that I don’t get sick, and any time I get a little sniffle or if I feel like I have to go to sleep at 10 PM some night, I get kidded about saying I don’t get sick. But I don’t get sick very much, once a year or so. This kind of illness I’m going through now, the kind of sickness that leads to me losing about 20 pounds in a week, hasn’t happened very often at all.

Mac called and I started talking shit, before I realized I didn’t know what I was talking about.

So. I will write more, this entry sucks, I know, so let me find some pictures that are fun.

There is no way to show the sheer insanity of ten people living in a two bedroom apartment in New York, but I can tell you the funnest thing about Christmas was having everyone together and our local deli are really depressed that this group of “good eaters” isn’t buying 27 sandwiches a day from them.

Jordana is nervous about having kids, and I totally understand that. But seeing her with Lucy is just amazing.