Air Dramaturg

We’re working on “Air Guitar” The Musical, which has prompted several of our friends to offer up their services. Air Theremin has been called. Air Poet has been claimed. Air Harmonica will be played. This has led to things like “Airemin Face” and “Airmonica”.

The problem is that the show isn’t written yet. So, what we really need are some Air Writers, and maybe an Air Director to help us along. In honor of Dan, this is what we really need… Air Dramaturg.

This is a bad idea, and the Air Dramaturg is trying to find out how to explain this.

This is actually a worse idea. Air Dramaturg is actually pissed.

Notice the books…

Actually, that’s not such a bad idea, come to think of it.

The tie really makes the dramaturg

How am I going to make it seem like this is my idea?

Aren’t you glad you’ve got me explainin the play to you?!

This is going to be the very best play ever.