Workin’ For The Weekend

I am in such a totally liminal state right now, and have been for the past several weeks, that it has been really difficult to keep the blog up. There are things I can’t talk about it, things I don’t want to talk about, and things I’d love to talk about except I can feel that I’m becoming the guy who tells the same stories over and over because I never know what I’ve said and I’m having very few original experiences.

This I can say with a good bit of sincerity; I don’t know how it is that some people can maintain the lifestyle of the mythical artist, with great deep draughts of life and nights of severe drinking, and still be capable of producing any kind of art at all. I understand that not everyone wants to produce the same volume of, y’know, stuff that I do, but I’m definitely of the opinion that if you produce quantity, then you can mine out a nugget or two of something palatable, and, seriously, I have wasted more hours in my life than most people have lived, so I feel like buckling down is the only option.

But, man… I have friends who have several jobs and still maintain their artistic lives. Of course, these are friends who simply don’t sleep enough, and who are really bad at keeping blogs. But these people are not, y’know, *drinking*. Ever. Unless they don’t sleep at all.

We have a big board, that I’ve taken pictures of before, and here it is now, blurred to protect the egos of those involved…

At the bottom are my assignments, and it looks like I’m still 5 song and 6 guitar solos shy of being done. The problem, of course, is that these pieces of music take time, and it’s more time than you might think. Because writing a song takes a while, and then, there is the real possibility that it will either suck or, it simply won’t work in this show. I wrote a really nice sweet tune for the A-Train Plays that the reviewers felt didn’t work with the script.

I mean, there wasn’t a script at all and we wrote the thing in 90 minutes on a train in rush hour, but yeah, I can see their point.

So, the liminality continues. Not yet done producing all that I need to produce, and only time and step after step will take me there. Please forgive if this is either boring or poorly updated.