Maybe That’s What He Wants

Jordana got done recording a piece of music a week or so ago, just hours after I read Mac’s draft of the second act of our play. It was a strange evening for me in many ways, but I only have a moment or two to write right now so let me just say a couple of things.

I believe that the lyrics Jordana has written that are right, and the script that Mac has written where it works, are both far superior than the bulk of the stuff I’ve put together. But I also believe that when the planets align, we could have a wonderful piece on our hands.

The song that Jordana has written is breath taking. Finally, after months and months, I’ve heard the sound that will determine the possible greatness of this show. It is the right song for this show, a perfect song for this show, and I’m gonna have to work my ass off for the rest of the summer in order to keep up with the shadow that the possibilities of my co-creators cast on me.

I love these characters in a way much more than I loved the sailors in Fleet Week (although still not as much as I loved the *actors* in Fleet Week). I do think there is the possibility for a spectacular show here, and I look forward to seeing where we go.

However, I’m gonna have to ask your indulgence, those who read this and those I speak to or see on occassion. It isn’t that I’m inspired, it’s that I’m terrified. This show, on top of the three or four things I can’t talk about, are taking my time. So, if I don’t get a call back to you, please, PLEASE, forgive me.