I wanted to post some pictures from the recently closed run of Air Guitar. The show lives on where it always lived, inside our minds, regardless of this show closing. In fact, regardless of this production at all, but, in any case, here’s what you may have missed.

The gorgeous Jeff Hiller. I can’t tell you how many people cornered me and said “where did you *FIND* that guy?” as if it would normally be impossible to hire this level of talent for a showcase show. He was just fantastic.

Yes, now that the show has closed we can reveal “Princess Slaya” in all her glory. Also, Seth, the guitarist and Chris, the drummer, who make up 1/2 of GODS OF FIRE, who should, in a righteous world, also be too famous to work with me.

The closest thing to a cast photo we’ve got. Michael Poignand, on the left, Becca Ayers, on the right, are, again, phenomenal talents who are probably on the cusp of world domination. It makes me sad that the only picture I have of Clayton is this one, with his back to us in a yellow hat. Clayton Dean Smith is the kind of actor who gives you so much joy, you want to write a show just for him…

Jeff Hiller, airborn. He put this production on his back so many times, he pulled the performances out of both the frying pan and the fire almost every night. I take credit for hiring him, of course, but he should take credit for this production being as fun as it was.

We’re going on vacation today, flying in to Myrtle Beach, where the eye of a tropical storm is making landfall at almost the exact same moment we’re landing. I gotta tell you, it feels no different than the last two months…