The Producer’s Prayer

Let the things in our control work as well as we can expect.

Let the things not in our control go our way.

Let the actors hold for laughs and applause, and let there be laughter and applause.

Let the critics be smart and firm. I don’t ask for kindness, and don’t want it, but I beg for thoughtfulness.

Let the lights move on cue, the mics open on their mark, and let the story be heard without being marred by the tech.

Let the actors live inside the play.

Let the house sell out at full price, and let the buyers be thrilled they spent their time and money.

Let the drummer play steady enough and the band play quiet enough for the story to be heard.

Let the luck break in our favor.

Let there be enough when we’re done, enough love, enough money, enough determination, enough satisfaction and enough earned respect, so that when this is over and the curtain comes down, we can take a deep breath and start again on a new show.

Above all else, let the audience love it. Let me be wrong about my worst nightmares, and let them be right who think it will all work out. Let the audience love it.

If nothing else, then just that. Let them love it.