I Don’t Suck

I’m lying, I do suck at a lot of stuff, but I’m really happy with the things I can do when I’m left to my own devices. This blog *will* actually suck, because I haven’t taken pictures yet, and I don’t have time to describe it, but…

I guess this is what I’m saying. I had a young friend ask me how he should go about attracting girls, and I spent a long time trying to figure out what to tell him. Obviously, you should be yourself, but that doesn’t help anyone. When you get around hot girls, you start freaking out and stuttering and getting all weird. So, then you’ve got to have confidence, but still, you can’t tell someone to have confidence, what does that even mean?

So, what I ended up saying is that he should aim for competence, not confidence. Be excellent, be good at stuff. Aim to being a success at any tiny thing, and even if you suck, aim for enthusiastic competence. If someone wants to play tennis, then get a raquet and go out and *suck*, but try. Have confidence in your enthusiasm.

I might be wrong, but I’ve always been most attractive to people when they’ve witnessed my accomplishments. When you come across star fuckers, they aren’t attracted to fame, they’re attracted to the assumed accomplishment that fame entails. I’m a guy with the body of an amateur golfer, and a face that looks like someone took a bowl of vanilla pudding, threw in a box of chicklets and then trimmed their hair over it – there’s nothing about my ridiculous looks that’s gonna grab the ladies. And yet, I’ve almost never had any trouble being attractive.

The only time in my life that I’ve come across women who were repulsed by me, which, by all rights, they should constantly, was when I was desperately failing, living in LA and drinking myself into a stupor. I had no plan, I wasn’t good at anything, I wasn’t trying to do anything, and I’d hook up with nasty girls because smart cool girls wouldn’t give me the time of day. Once I started focusing on wanting to be a success, I met an awesome girl.

All this to say, I’m almost done building the kitchen and dining room in my half of the house. Starting in two days, I’m gonna be re-building the apartment on the top floor, which is gona take virtually all of my time, so I may not be posting all the much. I just wanted to mention really quick that, despite feeling like so much in my life has been not living up to expectation, I’m still pushing forward with some measure of enthusiasm, and when I screw up, at least I know that my learning curve is continuing to speed up.

I’ll post pictures of the kitchen and dining room. Hopefully with before and after, if I can find earlier pix.