Advocacy For The Devil

I’ll get back to the remodel later, I just have a thing or two to say about this election.

Not a single incumbent Democratic Senator lost their seat. These are the exact same people who, in overwhelming numbers, voted to give the president the power to go into Iraq. President Bush couldn’t have gone into Iraq without the votes of people like Hillary Clinton, (who, by the way, seems to be using her “radical leftist stance” to rail against violent video games and knee-jerk what-about-the-children-isms) and yet Mrs. Clinton won in a landslide.

Let’s assume this is a referendum on the war in Iraq. So… you hate the war, huh? But you *didn’t* hate the war two years ago, right? You felt like going into Iraq was going to make America safer, that it would be attacking the terrorists there so we wouldn’t have to do it here. And now, two years later, we aren’t safer, and there is now a haven for terrorists in Iraq, so you’re really pissed.

Let me lean on the phrase above that’s important. AFTER TWO YEARS. Two years ago, the Republicans were keeping us safe, but *now* you think the war was a mistake? We went into a foreign country as a colonial power and we’re trying to impose a Western political structure on a country that never asked for it and has never had it, and since it’s taking longer than two years, you’re pissed?

Have some fucking backbone. How squeamish are you? You thought it was gonna take *less* time, and *fewer* soldiers should have died?

Look, the Iraq thing, in my opinion, wasn’t gonna work the way you promised, and anyone who thought we would be greeted as liberators are just ignorant, it’s never happened in the history of history. But I don’t know a goddam thing, history may look back on Iraq as one of the bravest most radical move in American foreign policy, and I have to assume that those of you who thought that was true supported him for this reason. It doesn’t make one iota of sense to me, but if it ever made sense to you, why the hell would you change your mind now?

Oh, and also, why did you take it out on the Republicans? Democrats, who voted for the war and supported the war, just leaned back and said nothing about their voting record. And you idiots bought it. Ridiculous.

Oh, and for everyone who’s all excited? What do you think is gonna happen. Those soldiers will be brought back to life? The money we spent will be pulled back? Or is it good that the President will now be investigated for the past six years of indescretion?

I mean, let’s forget for a second that Pelosi has basically guaranteed that she’s not doing anything against the President, and ignoring the fact that it will take until the end of his Presidency until anything is discovered, if there is anything out there, but remember Whitewater? Remember the *billions* of dollars that were wasted by the Republicans doing investigations into Clinton, all of which ended up with nothing? Those on the left were appalled by the money wasted on that, they were disgusted by the witch-hunt.

And yeah, Bush’s lies and betrayals could be on the level of war-crimes instead of hummers, but still, the Democrats aren’t gonna dare take on the Republican President.

Wanna know why? Because look at the votes. Sure, there were elections won by the democrats, but what about the Left? The anti-gay marriage stuff passed. The anti-stem cell stuff passed. The fundamentalists are still running the country, the battle has swung so far to the right, so mind shakingly far to the right, that one of the Democratic Senators that picked up his seat in the Northeast is frickin’ Anti-Abortion. They had a choice between a guy who hates gays and a guy who wants to oppose women’s rights… what a great day for us!!!

Today, the right wing are leaning back and lacing their fingers behind their heads and sighing relief. The country is in the murkiest part of the shitter, and in 18 months, the country is gonna look at their government and blame the entire thing on the Democrats. The Dems know it, they will do anything they can to retain their seats, and they are gonna be light-red, not blue. And… more than likely, they’re gonna get booted out in two years when Jeb Bush or John McCain wins in a landslide.


I’m not pissed, but I’m certainly not celebrating.