Bathroom Update

So, I’ve taken two more steps in getting the bathroom done. Hopefully, we can push forward from here a little faster. The funny thing is that all the DIY handbooks and shows basically introduce the first step to this remodel as “consider hiring help”. Like, this whole thing is a bad idea. We just don’t have any money, so… I mean, it’s just slow going, step-by-step.

So, I got the bathtub out. You really don’t want me to describe what happened, but suffice it to say, this was done with tin snips, two hours and three pounds of sweat.

This is just another angle. I ripped up all the tile to find, underneath, another layer of tile. This might be my first mistake, but I’m using the bottom layer of tile as the underlayment and I’m tiling on top of it.

This is the dry run of the new tile floor. It will meet the bathtub in the back. Why isn’t the bathtub in already? Or, rather, why isn’t the 2X4 box that will hold the tub in? I dunno, maybe I’m doing this wrong…

The tile is setting in thinset now. As soon as it does, we push in the grout and move to the next step, which is… I guess, we just keep faking it.

Lyra Kois Smith finds the only other baby in the room. She was shy at first, then she ran all around the house laughing and telling jokes. None of which we understood, but all of which she thought were hilarious.